Cafès Bay: Steadily conquering the coffee scene in Mallorca

With over seventy years of experience, Cafés Bay has established itself as a prominent figure in the coffee industry in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Toledo, Euskadi, and Madrid. They specialize in roasted coffee and the retail of Specialty Coffee.


Cafés Bay had its inception in 1952, when five partners established a roastery in Palma, initiating distribution across Mallorca. The company, originally known as Cafés Bahía, began a self-selling system that is still active today. They have delivery routes in Palma and throughout the different towns on the island. The company grew during the following decade. Following the passing away of a partner, the opportunity of continuing the business was presented to Miquel Vallcaneras, who, along with his brother Toni, obtained full ownership of the company. In 1980 it changed its name to the current Cafés Bay.

The new Cafés Bay

A generational handover took place in 2008, and the current owner and CEO, Toni Vallcaneras, who has a background in chemistry and is an entrepreneur by nature, began a transformation by upgrading the roastery. It shifted from a classic operational model to a formula based on investment and growth. He set up a department dedicated to machinery for the hotel and catering industry (coffee machine services) and a new graphic and advertising design.

In 2016, when Specialty Coffee was being discovered in Spain, Cafés Bay launched its Arabay project, bringing together all the company’s Specialty Coffee and arabica coffees under a single brand. Just one year later, they opened shops under the same name in various locations throughout Spain, which have already become, for many, temples of speciality coffee.

In 2017, Cafès Bay decided to bring its product directly to the consumer and has since been opening Arabay stores throughout Spain: Palma (2018), Ibiza (2019 and 2022), and Madrid (2012).

Cafés Bay is planning the opening of new shops in Spain and Europe, where they want to transmit their vision and passion for quality, traditional roasted coffee. They are steadily conquering the coffee scene.

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