ISB Sport, Felipe Orts, gravel & Girona

The perfect combination to internationalise the brand

ISB Sport continues its progress towards a stronger presence in the cycling world by partnering with the Spanish cyclist Felipe Orts. This strategic alliance not only highlights the brand’s support for Orts’ exceptional talent and versatility, but also reflects its commitment to inter­national expansion and the consolidation of its position in the cycling industry.

Felipe Orts, a top 10 finisher at the 2024 Cyclo-Cross World Championships, will be a key partner for ISB Sport. His impres­sive list of national and international sporting achievements makes him an ideal ambassador to represent ISB Sport’s values and products at the most impor­tant international races.

In pursuit of this objective, ISB Sport has established a strategic partnership with Klassmark, a leading organiser of cycling events in the region. This collaboration has resulted in the sponsorship of prestigious events such as La Santa Vall, part of the prestigious Gravel Earth Series, which has provided ISB Sport with a prominent plat­form to promote its brand and products internationally.

In conclusion, the partnership between ISB Sport, Felipe Orts and Klassmark marks an important milestone in the brand’s expan­sion strategy. It is clear that by focusing on Girona and gravel riding, ISB Sport is firmly on its way to consolidating its position as a leading components manufacturer within the global cycling community.

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