Sportcat Sports Medicine

The only medical center with DTE accreditation in Catalonia

Introducing Sportcat (Sports Medicine), officially certified by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a High Performance Sports Medical Centre. Located in Girona, Sport­cat medical centre offers a state-of-the-art environment for athletes to be comprehensively tested to identify areas for improved sporting performance, and professionally supervised during any rehabilitation process.

The DTE accreditation is reserved for estab­lishments and services within the sector of sports tourism that enhance the tour­ist experience. Awarding this accolade to Sportcat reflects the city of Girona’s advancement as a sports tourism destina­tion, attracting numerous athletes seeking medical assessment or injury treatment, in addition to those who live in the city, who can have the confidence that their medical needs will be covered.

Sportcat (Sports Medicine) was established in 2008, realising Dr. Jordi Surós’ dream of consolidating all the essential services for both amateur and professional athletes in the same clinic. With previous experience in internationally recognized sports centers alongside professional athletes, Dr. Jordi Surós has assembled and coor­dinates a team of 20 professionals that includes doctors specialized in sports medicine and traumatology, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, nutritionists, podia­trists, biomechanics experts, nurses, and physiologists.

With over 1200 square meters of facilities and having treated over 10,000 clients, it is one of the few medical centers in the world that offer comprehensive services with the latest technology. The clinic offers physiological studies of athletic performance using gas analyzers, treatments and training with hypoxia, biomechanical assessments of gait along with corrections using orthotic insoles, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and provides nutrition services and dietary guidance.

Sportcat’s most outstanding service, one in which they are pioneers, is traumatological rehabilitation and sports readaptation. They have the latest technology, including NASA®-patented innovations like VACUSPORT® and MBST® Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance, alongside treatments like hypoxia therapy, deep hyperthermia UHF, high-power laser therapy and a long list of technological advancements that allow them to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

Such is their depth of service that it is difficult to summarize everything that Sportcat (Sports Medicine) can offer. Therefore, we will provide more detailed explanations of their work in upcoming editions of the magazine. However, in the meantime, we invite you to get in touch with them to receive the best advice for your sporting performance and rehabilitation needs.

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