With 'Els Reis Mags' for cyclists. L'Adoquí surprises bimonthly

The cycling world includes countless merchandise and products, which leaves us, as the consumers, feel overwhelmed. We would like to try, mix and taste all of the products available. And then, once tried, we can choose whether it becomes a product we purchase forever – or not.

L’Adoquí is the BOX of cyclists, started in Calella (Maresme) with the idea to offer all cyclists the possibility to try as many products as possible. That way everyone can choose freely with whom and what they want to continue their journey on two wheels.

L’Adoquí is the first surprise BOX with products for cyclists in Catalonia and Spain. It is based on a bimonthly subscription: every two months subscribers receive a box with four to eight products that fit their cycling desires, regardless of the discipline practiced.

The L’Adoquí subscribers do not know what will be inside their BOX until the day it arrives to their door. This adds a touch of intrigue and excitement to a very delightful product.

The subscription is unlimited, with free cancellation anytime, and has a price of 27,95 €. This is paid every two months, at the same time that l’Adoquí sends out the BOX for delivery.

The subscription process is very simple. One is asked to fill in a questionnaire, with questions about the size of your jersey or bibs, on the website. The information is to maximise the personalisation of your BOX. Also, there are questions about allergies or intolerances.

If you want to know more, visit the webpage www.ladoqui.com and follow them on Instagram @ladoqui.box

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