Nafent continues its collaboration with the Catalan Cycling Federation in 2024

Nafent Magazine and the Catalan Cycling Federation will also be sharing each other’s stories in 2024. The federation’s storylines will be featured in Nafent Magazine from volume 10 onwards.

Volume 10 of Nafent Magazine will be released in the first week of May, with a special edition dedicated to Girona scheduled for one month later. The Catalan Cycling Federation will contribute two storylines to volume 10.

With the aim of reaching the same target audience — both Catalan cyclists and international cycle tourists — synergies between Nafent Magazine and the federation are readily apparent. Nafent’s editorial team is pleased to continue collaborating with the federation after multiple successful projects in 2023.

This story is part of Nafent Magazine volume 10. Read the full story in our digital or paper magazine. Go to our webshop to get yours.

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