La Tournée: Empowering women in cycling

Women’s cycling is booming, and Ana Cantallops knows it very well. With her cycling club, La Tournée, she is empowering women by bikes, with more and more women joining the journeys.

Based in Barcelona, LaTournée organizes various road cycling routes particularly for women, and for all levels. Women who want to get to know the sport are facilitated by LaTournée, while also experienced cyclists enjoy the group rides of the club.

Cantallops noticed fast that there were not many initiatives exclusive for women in the cycling world. “I never saw women grupettos in MTB, and when I swtiched to road cycling, my observations were not so different: there were no women that rode together with other women in bigger groups.”

LaTournée organizes weekly rides in the area of Barcelona, caring of the wellness of all its participants, and wanting to help developing womens cycling in the big city. The club is actively breaking stigmas and prejudices, as it empowers women who also use cycling as a tool for change.

Cycling is not the main goal of LaTournée, their final purpose is to activate women in sports in general, and although it is a cycling club, what they are really looking for is to empower women to practice any sport without any prejudices.

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