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Gravel cycling continues gaining ground in Catalonia in 2024

The gravel scene is expected to continue being a trendsetter in the cycling world, and ISB Sport is not far behind. With an ambitious vision for 2024, the company has charted a path full of exciting partnerships, significant investments, and the development of an elite team of female ambassadors. An overview:

First, ISB Sport has established a strategic alliance with Klassmark, the well-known company that organises sport events. This partnership allows ISB Sport to have a presence in the Girona area, an emblematic city in the world of cycling, to continue developing the international image of the brand.

In line with its commitment, ISB Sport announced the addition to its ranks of world-renowned figures with whom ISB Sport wants to confirm its strong support for gravel cycling. But it’s not just about sponsorships and featured names; ISB Sport is determined to strengthen the community of ambassadors and teams during the gravel season.

In addition, as in recent years, 2024 will also mark ISB Sport’s presence at a major event: Sea Otter Europe. Whether with its own stand or by sponsoring one of the events, the brand will ensure that it will be at the epicentre of cycling activity, thus consolidating its position in the industry.

In terms of specifications and product development, ISB Sport wants gravel and cycling enthusiasts to know about the importance of the right bearings depending on conditions, such as terrain and weather. With models like the ‘Endurance’ and ‘PRO’ series for fast gravel, the brand guarantees quality and optimum performance with every pedal stroke.

In summary, ISB Sport has charted an exciting path for 2024, firmly committing to gravel and to world-class events, outstanding talent, a strong community and quality products. Get ready for a season of adventures and challenges on wheels!

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