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SKS Germany Nafent

SKS Germany’s Rennkompressor

In the world of bicycle pumps, the SKS Rennkompressor NXT and its digital sibling, the Rennkompressor NXT Digi, are two distinct options that cater to the discerning needs of cyclists. These pumps, crafted by SKS Germany, offer reliability and functionality in different ways, each appealing to a specific set of preferences.

Testing VeloPro

Whether it is for writing short texts or formal emails in a different language or enhancing our photos; the possibilities seem boundless in today’s world. VeloPro is an application that brings AI to the world of cycling, offering training programs that adapt to the user’s input.

Challenging rides and beautiful scenery: Cycling through Spain and France in the spring

Just imagine yourself cycling through northeastern Spain along the Mediterranean coast up to France for seven days in May – and even better, not having to worry about the logistics of the adventure. Exciting climbs, breathtaking scenery and the chance to challenge yourself – all of this within your reach, thanks to Vueltour, an initiative organized by LPSV Experience.

The 850 kilometres to be covered are evenly split between both countries. The exact route will be announced in January.

Vueltour is run by an international team of three women: Louis Adamson (leader and organizer), Pascale de Jong (logistics and organizer), and Sara Lise Harris (organizer and support driver). These three have known each other for years through their participation in various sports events.

Catalan cycling is actively supporting women’s presence

In the 2023 season, Catalan women’s cycling has featured sixteen road cyclists in the rosters of UCI international teams, with five of them on the Massi-Tactic Catalan team, that has completed its fifth season in the professional scene. They are continually building a calendar that includes a growing number of events exclusively for women, including international competition days in Catalonia.

Leading in Europe: Sportcat’s sports medicine centre in Girona

The SportCat centre has practically all the equipment and resources that both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts could ever need. SportCat is raising the standards of sports medicine in Catalonia, making professional training and support easily accessible to all cyclists. Driven by its commitment to innovation and improvement, its sports medicine centre is already one of the leading in Europe.

A beauty of a mtb competition

The BCBR, or British Columbia Bike Race, is a renowned multi-day mountain bike stage race held in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Auto taller Alcalà: bikes look like brand new again

Using dry ice for the cleaning process of industrial machines and vehicles is not something new, but the owners of Auto Taller Alcalà, located in Girona, figured that there are many more purposes for ‘dry ice cleaning’.

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