Hotel Costabella

One of the most ideal hotels for cyclists to recover from rides

Saunas have been proven to have a positive effect on recovery, but there are only a few hotels in Girona that offer wellness. Hotel Costabella, located a twenty-minute walk from the old town, is one of the exceptions.

Hotel Costabella might as well be one of the better options to calm down after a ride in the hot summers of Girona. Offering an outside swimming pool, but also an indoor Jacuzzi, fitness room, and sauna, the hotel owned by Catalan hospitality specialists knows about cyclists’ needs.

In addition to all that convenience for cyclists, there is an outdoor area that can be used to fix and clean bicycles, and there are individual garages that can be accessed with the room card. There are no hotels in the city center of Girona with an outdoor pool, but Hotel Costabella does offer that pleasure. Saunas are exceptional for recovery, and even though you might not consider taking one during the hot summer, the health effects might change your mind, especially in combination with a swim in colder water of the outside pool.

Hotel Costabella is fantastically located and basically has all the facilities cyclists need for a great stay in Europe’s cycling capital. The individual garages are exceptional and multifunctional. After cleaning the bikes in the outside area when finishing a ride, cyclists can store their valuable riding machine safely in a personal space, to pick up the following day. That way both the rider and the bike are guarenteed a peaceful sleep.

Not only does Hotel Costabella come with an outside pool, jacuzzi, bike storage and sauna, it also has a great restaurant that serves healthy food, ideal for recovery and feeling fitthroughout the visit to Girona.

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