Challenging rides and beautiful scenery: Cycling through Spain and France in the spring

Just imagine yourself cycling through northeastern Spain along the Mediterranean coast up to France for seven days in May – and even better, not having to worry about the logistics of the adventure. Exciting climbs, breathtaking scenery and the chance to challenge yourself – all of this within your reach, thanks to Vueltour, an initiative organized by LPSV Experience.

The 850 kilometres to be covered are evenly split between both countries. The exact route will be announced in January.

Vueltour is run by an international team of three women: Louis Adamson (leader and organizer), Pascale de Jong (logistics and organizer), and Sara Lise Harris (organizer and support driver). These three have known each other for years through their participation in various sports events.

What makes this tour so special?


“The route has been meticulously planned and tested to ensure ultimate cycling enjoyment and variety”.

“For us, it’s more than just a job. The riders and what they get to experience every day are our top priority. From breakfast to the route, nutrition along the way, and accommodation, it’s all part of the package and overall experience. Riders will have the opportunity to stay in incredible locations with fabulous accommodations, receive well-planned nutrition tailored for endurance sports and be supported by cyclists who understand what cyclists need.”

Visit Vueltour to join their spectacular cycle tour from Spain to France over 7 days.

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