Building dreams on wheels

Let’s review the first year of Tata Bikes since the opening of their pioneer store, right in the heart of Girona’s Jewish Quarter.

Among a labyrinth of narrow streets, stone houses, arches and inner courtyards, an innovative proposal emerged within historical buildings. One of the most emblematic and authentic areas of Girona became the spot for a distinctive project with its own essence: Tata Bikes, a cycling boutique, repair and restoration workshop, and bicycle rental store.

Tata Bikes is an innovative space that features two clearly defined areas. From the vantage point of the street, a large shop window allows us to see Stelian working wonders inside the workshop and, from the other side of the area, the entrance leads us to the boutique via a façade that blends seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

Restoration as a driver of change

A significant factor driving the essence of Tata Bikes is their concern for the environment. In part, their passion for restoring and breathing new life into bicycles is linked to an important reason: sustainability.

Stelian, who has a wealth of experience behind him, exudes wisdom, confidence, and professionalism. Originally from Romania, is a former aircraft and helicopter mechanic. He transitioned from working with large engines, turbines, propellers, and complex high-level electronics to rebuilding, creating, and innovating on two wheels.

From a blank state to fulfilling cycling dreams

In 2022, a new chapter began in the lives of Stelian and Magdalena. With the humility that characterises them, they built Tata Bikes from the ground up. What was once their dream, later became the dream of their clients too.

Since then, numerous customers have been thrilled with the project, the service, and the results. From local bike enthusiasts to professional cyclists residing in Girona, or the dozens of cycling groups that have visited Tata Bikes to rent their travelling companions.

On leaving Tata Bikes, we realise that a job well done knows no borders, nor limits. As we take another look through the large window, we see Stelian returning to his passion, working with bicycles. It’s a pleasure to watch him work with such dedication, and it’s clear that with him, bicycles are in good hands.


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