Brodie Chapman’s favorite route in Catalonia

For the Australian national road race champion Brodie Chapman, Camprodon is the greatest destination in Catalonia. The 31-year-old, who lives in Girona during the season, likes to spend the night in the Catalan township, before heading back to Girona the following day.

It is a route that Chapman likes to do in two parts: the first stage is to Camprodon via the Carretera d’Oix, which connects Oix with Beget. In the second stage, the following day, she likes to descend down to Girona via Olot. Both rides are over 100 kilometers in length.

Oix and Beget

It has to be said: riding to Camprodon from Girona features only beautiful towns, like Besalú, Castellfollit de la Roca, Oix, Beget and Rocabruna. Oix and Beget are Chap-man’s favourites, the two little mountain villages connected by a fantastic road.

“I love the climbing to the towns because the road surface is just perfect. The climbing feels like it goes forever, but you are rewarded with a stunning riddle in views at the top”, the Australian champion says. “Beget is a really quaint town where you can stop for a break, before the next climbing section, that ultimately leads into the little downhill to Camprodon.”

Heart of Catalonia

That’s where she likes to spend the night, in the bike-friendly Hotel Cims. For dinner, she chooses Pizza Rústica, also located in the town. “Camprodon is such a picturesque town. When I go here, I feel like I am in the heart of Catalonia.”
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The day after, the coffee stop of the day is in Les Preses, at Forn La Fogaina, where Chapman has ‘the best bread she has ever had’. “They also have excellent sweet bakery snacks, like pa de coca, which always fuels me for the last stretch back home to Girona. This bakery is also the best place for a coffee or matcha in the sunshine.”

A route with memories

Chapman has done her favourite route in Catalonia multiple times now, and she remembers the first time very well. “That was in the summer. We stopped in Beget, sat in the river to cool down, and got back on the bike. On the way back I hunger-bonked so bad. That’s when I learned: stop at Forn la Fogaina, when it is open!”

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