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We are all familiar with the experience of testing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives. Whether it is for writing short texts or formal emails in a different language or enhancing our photos; the possibilities seem boundless in today’s world. VeloPro is an application that brings AI to the world of cycling, offering training programs that adapt to the user’s input.

It is high time to put AI to the test in the world of training programs! In Volume 8 of Nafent, we explore the predictions, aspirations, and expectations of two selected cyclists at different skill levels. Three months later, in Volume 9, we will unveil the results.

Velopro announced the launch of their Proactive HRV technology (patent-pending) in October. This cutting-edge innovation leverages heart rate variability (HRV) data to enhance training outcomes and maximize athletic potential. HRV is a powerful metric that measures the variation in time between each heartbeat, providing valuable insights into an individual’s autonomic nervous system function. By using this data, athletes can gain deeper insights into their recovery levels and overall stress adaptation. By leveraging the power of HRV analysis, VeloPro proactively manages training and helps athletes achieve their full potential.

Meet our cyclists:

Ross Bernard, 28, based in Girona, an experienced cyclist.

My goal is to be as fit as possible by spring, so I can properly enjoy some of the nicest weather of the year on roads that are not as busy as the high summer season. I love the feeling of having enough fitness to comfortably ride for 4 to 5 hours at a low intensity, but still have the ability to push myself on my favourite climbs when I feel like it. Plus, I’m at the point in my cycling life where I do not like to suffer anymore!

I ride quite a bit, at least 4 times a week. However, my job keeps me on tight schedule, often stretching my 9-5 to more like 8-7, and it involves traveling back and forth between Girona and London. Unfortunately, I am not able to train as much as I would like to anymore. A good week for me is 10 hours on the bike. I am hoping Velopro can provide me with a bit of structure and motivations as I keep my training going during the winter months.

Dolors Raurell, 27 years old, based in Girona, an amateur cyclist.

My objective is to conquer both Rocacorba and Mare de Déu del Mont in a single day next year. This is a challenging ride that I believe would test for any cyclist. Due to my time living abroad, I have not had many opportunities for training, but I have recently returned to Catalonia, and I hope I can.

I try to get out for a ride 3 times a week, but having a demanding full-time job sometimes that gets difficult. I’m curious to see how VeloPro’s algorithm adapts to my schedule. I am counting on VeloPro to be the application that helps me build the motivation, structure and fitness required to achieve this ambitious ride in 2024.

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