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is a bilingual cycling magazine and social project, covering everything cycling related in Catalonia. We print four times per year, in Catalan and English. Purchase your copy now or download our free Girona Special.


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Nafent Magazine is published four times per year (February, May, August, November) and always available in our web shop!

Nafent Magazine and the Catalan Cycling Federation will also be sharing each other’s stories in 2024.

Nafent Magazine will be available in all the Abacus stores in Catalonia, Bon Preu Esclat, libraries in Catalan-speaking regions in Catalonia and around.


Nafent is always looking for cycling or not related brands and projects to take part in our social, non-profitable project. Contact us for further information.

Nafent Magazine is represented by l’Appec and the Catalan Cycling Federation.

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Reach out if you have questions about the magazine, partnerships, content contribution or anything else that is on your mind.
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