Nafent Magazine available in VIP-zones Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

The first magazine about cycling in Catalan, Nafent Magazine, will be available during the whole Volta Ciclista a Catalunya. Visitors of the VIP-zones receive a magazine, a copy of volume 5, for free, to read and bring back home.

Nafent Magazine, now existing for more than one year, has a special feature about the Volta a Catalunya in volume 5 as well. The latest edition of the magazine is now available in our web shop.

Nowadays, the final product of the social project, is available in nearly 100 places across Catalonia. It aims to unite international and local cyclists, while also introducing Catalan and international (cycling) brands to its target audiences.

We encourage readers to join us on the journey of enhancing the Catalan cycling scene. Consider purchasing a yearly subscription on Nafent Magazine to support this social project.

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