VeloPro: Personalized training plans through AI

VeloPro revolutionizes individualized schemes. Custom-tailored training should not be limited to professional cyclists. In fact, it is now available to everyone who wants it. And not just “get out there on your bike for a couple of hours” advice sent to everyone, but individualized training for you, based on your own specific goals, needs and time schedule. And all done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Adnan Kadir, founder of Velo-Pro, is eager to provide science-based training to those who want it. The rider provides the data, the computer crunches those numbers, and the personalized training plan is made.

Three forces combined

Kadir started his journey in cycling with BMX as a youngster, moving up to mountain biking and then road racing in Europe, and even a few state championship titles. After graduate school (with a degree in English Literature), he started coaching in 2003, moving up to USAC Level 1in 2010.

“This is where I gained much of my technical knowledge,” he says. “My senior partner in VeloPro is an ace mathematician. I came up with the concept and he, with the help of some university mathematicians and data scientists, made the initial technical implementation.”

VeloPro is now a team of nine people. They’re based on three different continents and in four different time zones. That does not change if Kadir is in Girona, his new home. The nine together revolutionize custom-tailored training, likely changing the cycling scene as a whole as AI continues to make its mark on society. 

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