Using VeloPro’s AI training schemes – the first experiences

VeloPro is the world’s first AI-based training system designed for cyclists and creates periodized training plans based on your event goals and schedule. Three Catalonia based cyclists used VeloPro throughout the winter and share their experiences.

Dolors Raurell: Over the last three months, I enjoyed using VeloPro for my training. I must admit that with my full-time job it was not always easy to train according to the training scheme, also because it was usually dark when I got home, and I do not own an indoor trainer. The app however, kept me motivated. VeloPro did always nicely adapt to the changing circumstances, and when I could follow the suggested training programs, I did feel I was gradually getting stronger. My goal to climb Santuari de la Mare de Déu del Mont and Rocacorba on one ride has not been achieved yet, simply because I have not tried yet. That is a goal I have for this spring.

Ross Bernard: It’s been a busy autumn and winter so far. Travelling for work, a couple of holidays and a fair few friends’ 30th birthdays have meant that I’ve barely been able to touch the bike. Despite these constraints, every time I went for a ride, I used VeloPro to record my activity. However, I didn’t really follow VeloPro’s suggested training schemes. I observed that VeloPro adjusted its training programs based on my own training decisions, which was pretty interesting. Hopefully this spring, especially when the clock changes, I’ll have more time and energy to go out and ride. Until then, I’ll continue using VeloPro to keep monitoring my fitness.

Rob van Oudheusden: I only started using VeloPro a month ago, and actively started using it with indoor training and preparing for a spring and summer full of riding in Catalonia. I am impressed by the application. Even though I have not been using it long enough yet to give a full review, I do see progress and I do see VeloPro automatically adapting its training schemes based on my daily life.This winter I was working in Austria and was trying to maintain my cycling fitness indoors. I feel like I am on the same level as at the end of last cycling season, which I find promising towards spring. I am going to use VeloPro in the next few months to continue building my shape.

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