Stealthwheels' 'next-gen' wheelsets: lighter, stiffer, and more aero

The wheelset is one of the most important assets of the bike. Ideally, the wheels are light, aerodynamic, and stiff. Custom-designed wheels usually perform well in researches and tests, as brands that produce custom wheels do not have to stick to certain products, elements or materials. Custom brands, like Stealthwheels, can choose the best possible materials for every component of the wheel, basically producing the ‘ultimate wheelset’ for cyclists.

With options between eight different types of hubs, eight different colours of spoke nipples, three different colours of spokes and 22 different colours of stickers, for various cycling disciplines and types of bikes, the possibilities with Stealthwheels are pretty much endless. Stealthwheels designs and produces fully custom and hand build cycling wheels, completely to the liking of the cyclist. It is the brand that Cannondale, goes to when its clients ask for specific wheels in their new bike. Stealthwheels consistently makes it onto the podium of independent tests from magazines and companies, its wheels being among the stiffest ones ever produced.

Hookless rims mean stiffer wheels

Their repetition of scoring medals in these kinds of quality wheel tests, is according to Ivar Immerzeel, from Stealthwheels, a result of ‘many years of experience’ and ‘constant investigation into better material’. “We keep on pushing the boundaries of the most ideal wheel set”, he says. “In 2020, for instance, we have completely renewed all our wheel sets with exclusive ‘moulds’ that are specifically produced for our brand. With these moulds, we are leading the latest innovations, for instance with wider and hookless rims.”

‘Hookless’ is ‘the way to go’ for wheel builders nowadays. A hookless rim is lighter and stiffer than a hooked rim, as the production process is significantly more efficient. Also, hookless wheelsets make the tires fit in the wheels in a more circular shape, resulting in more comfort, better aerodynamics and less rolling resistance. Immerzeel: “Hookless wheelsets are a new generation of wheels, I believe, because of their advanced characteristics.”


Also, Stealthwheels’ gravel sets, including the latest Stealth Gravel 36-C wheelset, are produced with the latest knowledge. “These are our newest wheels, with 36mm high rims and have all the characteristics mentioned above”, says Immerzeel. “Cyclists can use these wheels for multiple purposes because a lot of tires of different sizes fit in these wheels. One can do an endurance ride with 32mm tires, go to a cyclocross race with 33 mils, enjoy Catalan gravel with 38 to 45mm gravel tires and change them into a wheelset with 54-millimeter mountain bike tires.”

Stealthwheels has a configurator on their website, where everyone can create their ‘dream wheelset’. It is with that configurator, which updates the wheels live based on the decisions the user makes, when you find out how extremely complete the catalogue from Stealthwheels is.

“For any discipline or any riding purpose, whether it is an important, high-level road race or whether it is to get from home to work by mountain bike, we can design and produce it”, says Immerzeel.

“Aluminum high-rim gravel wheels with disc brakes? We can make them. Tubeless carbon road wheels with red spokes and rim brakes? No problem.”

“Together we discuss what characteristics the wheelset must have and together we create the ideal product, that always has five years of guarantee and lifelong guarantee on breaking spokes.” 

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