SKS Germany’s Infinity Universal: The ideal luggage rack system for bike packing

Catalonia, with its great climate, beautiful destinations and sublime gravel roads, is fantastic for bike packing. Bike packing in general is one of the most exciting forms of the sport of cycling, but also requires a lot of preparation. What do I bring, and how do I bring that: these are two of the most essential questions to ask. SKS Germany might as well give you the answer to the second question.

Innovative and disruptive, SKS Germany is known for its unique cycling solutions, like bottle holders with locks to keep your bike safe during a coffee stop, a handheld psi-checker that is particularly used by professional cycling teams and floor pumps, which have been their trademark for many years now.

Luggage rack

The Infinity Universal, an aluminium luggage rack with unlimited options for adaptation to any bike, is the perfect addition to their innovative catalogue. Whatever geometry your bike has, the Inifinity Universal fits, therefore being a very safe purchase for any bike packing trip.

One of the characteristics that makes the Infinity Universal stand out from its competitors in the field is the quick attachment and detachment from the bike. The ‘MIK’ or “Mounting is Key” adapter plate the company came up with is a comprehensible click system that makes any bike bag easy to attach to the luggage rack.

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 The whole system on its own can carry up to twelve kilograms and works particularly fine with the Infinity Top Bag, a waterproof bike bag with 7 litres of volume. Ultimately, combining the Infinity Universal with other SKS Germany-bike packing products from the ‘explorer’ line results in arguably the most efficient bike packing setup in modern times.

Bike packing in Catalonia also sometimes means riding in wet conditions, or during dark moments of the day. With the Infinity Universal Rear Light, a rechargeable light of

30 lumens, one feels significantly safer on the road. Lastly, the mudguards with a similar name protect any cyclist better against wet roads. Both are extremely easy to mount onto the bike rack itself.

Volumes 3 and 4 of Nafent Magazine were filled with stories about bike packing, both in Catalonia and elsewhere in the world. Everyone who came back from a bike packing trip enjoyed an unforgettable experience and the challenge of organizing everything to bring. SKS Germany developed a solution to the common challenge, for both (pan)-Catalan multi-day bike trips and elsewhere in the world. 

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