Six perfect (coffee) rides from Girona

Specialty coffee, cakes, and mid-ride stops serve as excellent motivators to get out there and ride your bike. Catalonia offers a plethora of enticing options that provide plenty of motivation to ride every day.

Nafent has curated three routes, on the road and on gravel, each spanning 100 kilometers. These routes start and finish in Girona, leading you to destinations that are perfect for a refreshing coffee break – or more. Each route showcases distinct scenery and fantastic opportunities to recharge batte-ries halfway through your ride.

Moreover, upon returning to town, we have selected three ideal options for indulging in a post-ride snack, coffee, or meal. These choices ensure a perfect conclusion to your cycling adventure.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details. 

Grava Pals

A gravel route full of history.

The folk at Grava Pals live and breathe cycling.  What’s more, the location provides an ideal destination for cyclists starting their rides in Girona.  All in all, we decided that it was about time we took on one of the most picturesque gravel routes in Empordà to one of the cycling classic go-to’s around Girona.

Fitzroy cafè

There is now a new must-visit cycling café in the heart of Begur’s old town, called Fitzroy Café.

We all know the picturesque coastal road to Platja d’Aro, with its delightful coffee stops along the way. However, there is another equally beautiful route worth exploring, leading to the charming coastal postcard-enclave of Begur, surrounded by the stunning beaches of Sa Riera, Sa Tuna, Pals and Aiguablava. What’s even better is that there is now a new must-visit cycling café in the heart of Begur old town, called Fitzroy Café.

Mas Gusó

Culinary fuel and cycling bliss

Nestled amidst the lush greenery and serene Empordà marshes, Mas Gusó serves as a unique sanctuary in Sant Pere Pescador, Catalonia. This  charming space is increasingly becoming a favorite among cyclists, thanks to its ideal position on the Costa Brava, which offers a multitude of scenic cycling routes.

Hors Catégorie

A must-visit in Girona

Hors Catégorie is one of the classic go-to cafés for cyclists in the old town of Girona. The reasons are numerous: specialty coffee, great dishes, live coverage of races, beautiful interior design, passionate personnel, and bikes everywhere – it is a great mix bag of everything.

Verd Coffee & Brunch

The new brunch restaurant in Girona

Right in the middle of Carrer de la Força, Girona, Manel and Magdalena recently raised the curtains on Verd Coffee & Brunch. The premise is a brand new coffee shop and restaurant that puts the proximity of the ingredients and their artisanal elaboration at the heart of their dishes

Pizzeria Marghe 1889

Pedal to pizza

In the heart of Catalonia’s cycling paradise, Girona, lies Pizzeria Marghe 1889, a much-beloved eatery that has recently launched an exciting initiative to honor the cycling community. Cyclists can now earn discounts off the regular prices according to the distance they’ve covered on two wheels the day they visit Pizzeria Marghe 1889, by showing proof of their ride on their cycling computer or applications like Wikiloc.

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