Nafent Magazine, a social project on a more sustainable tour in 2023

Cycling is one of the most sustainable sports on the planet. For the editorial staff of Nafent Magazine, it was therefore a natural decision to aim for a more sustainable magazine in 2023.

The fifth edition of the magazine, which will be broadly distributed during the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya in March, is therefore printed on recycled paper. The additional costs are covered by Nennisiwok AI Lab in Barcelona, who’s been a committed partner of the magazine since mid-2022. We want to thank the Catalan AI Lab for their additional efforts.

Sustainable magazine

Next to that, our content from the fifth edition of the magazine and on, will focus more on a planet-friendly lifestyle and sustainable (cycling) events, brands and projects across Catalonia.

Also, Nafent Magazine is currently investigating a new typeface and font. It aims to reduce the ink spent with printing by at least 40% compared to a regular font. The editorial staff will update about this process throughout the year in its magazines.

Lastly, most of the magazine deliveries will be done by bike, as always. This way we keep our emissions low and contribute to our own active and healthy lifestyle.

Are you as excited about cycling and sustainability as we are? Then join us on this journey. Consider purchasing a yearly subscription on Nafent Magazine to support this social project.

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