Nafent Magazine Girona Special

This is your free, ultimate Girona cycling guide, particularly full of on- and off-the-bike tips that you might not have known of from Girona. Celebrate the milestone of ten Nafent Magazines by downloading this Girona Special for free.

In this free, online edition of Nafent Magazine, we have collected the best storylines from 2,5 years of Nafent Magazine. In addition, this Nafent Magazine Girona Special thinks outside the box, featuring local, cycling-minded destinations and storylines that you haven’t heard of yet.

Nafent steps away from the ‘usual’ and ‘cliché’ destinations and cafés that you already know, introducing you to alternatives that are at least as passionately like-minded as you are as a cyclist. Whether you are new to Girona, looking for the ultimate Girona Cycling Guide, or have been here for a while, download the Girona Special and get inspired.

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