Nafent joins l’APPEC: magazine available in many more bookshops and libraries

The number of places where Nafent Magazine will be available for purchase will triple in the following months. Nafent has joined the publishers of Digital and Magazines l’APPEC, resulting in a huge visibility for the bilingual cycling magazine in Catalonia.

Nafent Magazine will be available in all the Abacus stores in Catalonia, Bon Preu Esclat, libraries in Catalan-speaking regions in Catalonia and around (South of France, Andorra, the province of Valencia, and the Balearic Island), and in the l’iQuiosc, the leading online kiosk in Catalonia.

Also, Nafent Magazine will travel together with the APPEC’s caravan, La Revisteria, to bring the magazines and boost cultural activity in small towns where there is no point of sale for publications. This is a national project with which the association also aims to confront depopulation and the difficulties in accessing culture. They also organise The Night of the Magazines’, a Catalan event that brings together editors of magazines, press and newspapers and promotes the good work and quality of publications.

Nafent Magazine is excited to join l’APPEC, and sees it as a big step in the social project’s development. Editor in Chief Sjors Beukeboom believes that Nafent Magazine will reach many more Catalan cycling enthusiasts. 

Beukeboom: “APPEC can help us with the challenges we face at the moment. I believe everyone who visits or lives in Girona, the European capital of road and gravel cycling, knows our magazine. Via partnering up with l’APPEC, we can significantly grow in places elsewhere in Catalonia.”

Guida Pons, Nafent Magazines’ creative director, mentions that the collaboration with the association will result in an even faster growth of the only cycling magazine in Catalan. “More and more people find our magazine, and a progressive number of businesses are interested in partnering up. We can reach even more Catalans with this partnership.” Also Mariona Amores, the managing director of the magazine, sees it as a fruitful partnership. “Being visible in bookshops and supermarkets will surely result in a stronger brand for Nafent Magazine.”

The president of l’APPEC, Germà Capdevila, declares that “from the APPEC we welcome the arrival of new magazines that strengthen the sector and reading in Catalan, especially in the field of sport where there is less presence of our language. It is always good news to have a magazine like Nafent, specialised in the world of cycling and published in Catalan”.

Nafent Magazine is currently available in 120 places across Catalonia, that include cafeterias, bike shops and other cycling hotspots. Nafent, powered by volunteers, is the leading magazine in Catalonia, and continues to connect international cyclists with Catalan cyclists.

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