Leading in Europe: Sportcat’s sports medicine centre in Girona

SportCat’s sports medicine center, founded in 2008 and situated just south of Girona’s historic old town, is a fascinating place to explore. Upon entering, it’s like stepping into a labyrinth, a complex maze filled with rooms of varying sizes, each with its own purpose. Some rooms house cutting-edge technology, while others are dedicated to unwavering support for athletes. But behind every door lies a unique multidisciplinary approach that sets SportCat apart not only in Catalonia but throughout most of Europe.

The center is equipped with latest diagnostic tools, performance analysis technology, and rehabilitation equipment, ensuring that athletes receive the most advanced treatments available. Dr. Suros explains: “From the tests, you can establish improvement goals, and our multidisciplinary team can assist you, providing support in areas such as nutrition, biomechanics, sports performance, and treatment for both acute and chronic injuries.”

Dr. Suros’ center has encountered and treated them all and will continue to welcome hobby athletes and professional cyclists for many years to come. Their efforts have been rewarded with the highest recognition in sports performance from the Generalitat de Catalunya, which officially determines the outstanding work of their team of 18 people.


The SportCat centre has practically all the equipment and resources that both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts could ever need. SportCat is raising the standards of sports medicine in Catalonia, making professional training and support easily accessible to all cyclists. Driven by its commitment to innovation and improvement, its sports medicine centre is already one of the leading in Europe.

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