In the world of cycling, there are incredible stories, and the one experienced by the renowned bearing brand ISB Sport is one of them.

Let’s go back to the 1930s, a tumultuous political era in Spain, where people where people clung to the few joys that life offered them, including the victories of a young man from Aragon, Santiago Mostajo Trigo, an outstanding cyclist. Santiago, along with Mariano Cañardo and Vicente Trueba, was part of a successful generation of athletes who left their mark and paved the way for other excellent cyclists like Federico Martín Bahamontes, winner of the 1959 Tour de France.

The Abad and Mostajo families are examples of passionate and entrepreneurial business people deeply Connected to sports. And it is through passion and love that their children, who currently lead the company ISB Ibérica within the Italian company ISB Group, were born.




ISB Group is already present in more than 92 countries. It has been a long journey in both business and sports, which has been recognized in the cycling industry, with a presence in most bicycle workshops and the demanding world of competition. They have been winners in the most important national and international mountain bike races and recently became part of the Corratec – Selle Italia team in the Giro d’Italia.

A century-old history that still has many pages to write in the world of cycling bearings.

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