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A family history of entrepreneurship and passion for sports

Every company has its own story, its journey; a path that year after year has forged a structure, a product, a range… In the bearing industry, ISB Sport is the benchmark brand, not only for its reliability, durability, and outstanding performance but also for its service. Its range of bearings is one of the most comprehensive on the market, with options for wheel hubs, headsets, swingarms and bottom brackets; in versions of chrome steel, stainless steel, hybrids, ceramics, and their Premium XForce range. Achieving this level of specialization has taken time, and in fact we have to go back to 1931 to understand the origin of what is now ISB Sport.

A long history in cycling

In 1942, Santiago Mostajo retired from competition with over 200 victories in track cycling, road racing, and cyclocross. He became a Technical Director and coach for young riders. In 1950 he became the Technical Director of the Michelin CulturalSports Society. A year later Santiago’s son, Santiaguin Mostajo, became the Independent Spanish Speed Champion at the age of 19, and continued his father’s passion for cycling.

In 1952, ‘Rodamientos Rubí Hermanos’ was established in Barcelona as a commercial venture on Balmes Street. Additionally, Santiago Mostajo himself opened the ‘Lambretta Mostajo’ store, and during this same period between 1953 and 1954, he also took charge of the ‘Mostajo Team’ composed of Botella, Corrales, Bover, Mostajo (Santiago’s son), and Bahamontes, which would later conquer the podium of the Tour de France in 1959.

In 1960, after the closure of the Arenas Velodrome, Santiago Mostajo Sr. purchased the wooden track to build his own at the former Gracia Velodrome, the former headquarters of Campo del Europa. The track eventually deteriorated due to weather conditions, and consequently the tireless Santiago built a new packed earth track to host major events and ‘Intervelódromos’ competitions.

Two years earlier, in 1961, ‘Rodamientos Abad’ was born as an official distributor of prestigious bearing brands like SKF and SNFA, founded by Ernesto Abad and his brother Francisco. The success of their initial production workshops led to the opening of their own bearing factory on Puigcerdà Street in Barcelona in 1982.


After many years away from competition, Santiago Mostajo became the veteran World runner-up in 1978, even racing in a higher category than he should have, due to an error by the race organizers.

The flame of passion for sports, especially cycling and motorcycling, continued to burn in the Abad family. In 2013, all the experience from the industrial division of ISB was transferred to ISB Sport under the leadership of Miriam and Ernesto Abad Mostajo, creating a range of bearings and components specifically designed for wheels in the sports of cycling, roller skating, and motorcycling.

Nowadays, ISB Sport has become the sports division of the ‘Grup ISB Indústries’ and is involved in the process of internationalization in Europe, South America, Asia and beyond. ISB Sport is a brand committed to sport on wheels, with the aim of “rolling with the best feelings.”

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