Is there a Catalan men continental team in the making?

Team SmartDry has been active in the Spanish cycling scene for several years now, being a Dutch/ Catalan, Barcelona-based team. At first it was a bunch of guys who ‘just wanted to race high-level races in Spain’. Later they developed their vision and mission. Nowadays, Team SmartDry is full of motivated and talented youngsters who want to climb the ranks of cycling.

The team describes itself as one of the most professional club teams in Spain, and it is hard to disagree on that. Team SmartDry has numerous big sponsors, including one for the bikes (Gios), official Team Ineos-supplier Bioracer for their kits, and cycling database ProCyclingStats who are all committed to the ambitious project of team manager Iwan Schrijver.

“Our goal is to give international cyclists the chance to train under the Catalan sun and on the beautiful roads of Catalonia. I believe our clubhouse is a unique facility to elevate our riders’ training,” the Dutchman says.

Team SmartDry – Girona Cycling City’s team director cannot complain about their season so far. During the social races around Catalunya, the team dominates the competition, resulting in spots on the podiums nearly every single race. In the Copa de España the level is significantly higher, however, Schrijver believes his team will be competitive in those races as well.

He also believes Team SmartDry can develop more and more in the next few months and years. “Who knows how far we can get”, he asks himself. “It would be fantastic to become the first professional cycling team for men from Catalonia.

It’s obvious that the team does not lack ambition for the future, and according to the team manager, the ambitions are realistic. “We have sponsors committed to our project. That makes us as a team more attractive to talented riders. They can deliver results, and results means visibility, which is again interesting for our sponsors.”

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