Hot and happening: recovery ice creams for cyclists

This is probably what you need this summer: recovery ice cream, specifically designed for cyclists. With two scoops of ice cream, cyclists have 60 milliliters of Fuel+ gel. Let’s chat with Núria Pascual, who’s in charge of the Bambolina project and has the recovery ice cream in-house.

Aleix Ferrer: What is Bambolina, and how did this project start?

Núria Pascual: Bambolina opened its doors about a year ago with the desire to bring high-quality ice cream from a European-recognized Italian gelato maker to the city of Girona.

AF: How did the idea of creating a recovery ice cream come about?

NP: The truth is, we love listening to our customers. We’re always open to suggestions and very attentive to the people who visit our shops. We realized that a recurring group of customers were cyclists who wanted to recover after physical activity. That’s how we identified an opportunity to offer them a product that meets their needs at that particular moment.

AF: What are the key points of the product?

NP: The highlights of our recovery ice cream are fourfold. First of all, having two scoops of our ice cream is almost like having a 60ml fuel+ gel. Additionally, it’s 100% natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

AF: What are the steps in the product’s preparation?

NP: We won’t reveal our recipe, but we can say that the base is oat milk, with over 1 kg of sliced bananas and the perfect amount of fuel+ for proper recovery after physical exertion. The first step in the preparation is to combine all the ingredients and then put them in the machine. Once the banana ice cream is ready, we add dark chocolate and nuts to achieve an irresistible result.

AF: Do you think cycling and eating ice cream are compatible?

NP: Absolutely! We pay attention to the smallest detail to offer you the best final product that suits your needs as athletes. If you try it, it, you’ll immediately notice that it’s a very natural product, perfect for a high-quality diet.

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