Graveling through the Terres de l’Ebre

The UNESCO nature reservation Terres de l’Ebre is a great destination for gravel cyclists. In this area in southern Catalonia, there are roads and routes that suit any kind of cyclist. Whether you are looking for plenty of elevation, plain flat roads or a combination of both, Terres de l’Ebre can and should be your next destination.

On the ninth of April, the area southwest of Tarragona is the playground of the gravel and mountain bike event ‘La Garba’. Cyclists of all levels can join and ride unique routes in the nature reserve. The organization put three distances on the gravel calendar. Anna Verdrell from La Garba explains:

“The first distance we are offering is seventy kilometers and is called ‘Lo Manoll’. This event captures the essence of the Ebro delta. The second one, La Garba, covers 120 kilometers. This ride is a proper introduction through the UNESCO nature reservation, as participants ride through the lagoons and rice fields, and connect to the flora and fauna. The third distance is the longest with 230 kilometers. That’s the so-called La Cabra. This tour will bring the participants through the historical greenway of the ‘Val de Zafán’ via rare and difficult paths through the ‘Sierra de Cardó’, another nature reservation. The last route is the one with the most diverse vegetation.”

All the participants will be reminded to take care of their environment, especially because of the fact that the vast majority of the tours cross valuable and vulnerable vegetation. “A goal of the organization, next to having fun on the bike, is to make our participants more aware of their environment. We have to protect our nature in order to keep enjoying it.”

In the second edition of Nafent Magazine, there is a big feature about gravel riding in Catalonia. The second edition of Nafent Magazine is expected to be available in the webshop and in partners’ stores on the first of May.

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