Grava Pals – a destination in a gravel paradise

The cycling community has been the reason of existence of Grava Pals since the beginning. Manich had no doubts about the location of the restaurant, because it ‘unites the heart of Girona with the soul of the Empordà’, a connection that breathes respect for nature, passion for cycling and the importance of Mediterranean cuisine.

For us, Pals and the area that surrounds it “is our corner of the world and we aim to offer the best that we have on the Costa Brava, from the products to the environment. Grava is a refreshment point, a restaurant and an oasis to rest during the ride, or to come and disconnect in the middle of nature”, says Manich.

Those at Pals know how to take care of the experience and make cyclists fall in love from early in the morning until sunset. With a gastronomic selection that follows the cycle of the sun: breakfast and brunch, lunches (to recharge your energy or specialty coffee) and dinners (you cannot miss the sunset drinks to enjoy the moment of relaxation), Pals is a very complete destination that breathes the passion for the sport.

This year, Grava Pals puts on a powerful show: it presents an even wider terrace space, creates a new specific area to enjoy Neapolitan pizza and incorporates some extraordinary novelties in the menu. “We’ve particularly worked on our breakfast menu”, Manich explains enthusiastically.

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