Exotic, electric and extraordinary: The Service Course’s bike rental fleet

Step inside The Service Course in Girona and you’ll soon be surrounded by beautiful bikes, of all shapes and sizes. Too nice to ride, surely? Well, not quite. Some are indeed off limits, belonging to staff members who are more than happy to display their pride and joy during working hours, guaranteed to spark conversations with like minded custom bike connoisseurs. Likewise, others are shiny new creations, with their excited owners soon to arrive in Girona to collect on a riding trip to remember. The vast majority, however, form part of The Service Course rental fleet: dozens of assorted “dream builds” available to book and enjoy Girona’s world-class riding in style. Here we have picked six of the best to hint at the quality and variety on offer.

Curve Cycling: GXR (aka Kevin) | Gravel bike, titanium frame

“Adventure is at the core of our brand of cycling, whether it’s taking the long way home or racing across a country. Adventure is built into Curve’s DNA. Not all of our customers want to bike-pack across a continent but they take comfort in knowing that our products are built for that sort of abuse. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take our brand, products, and customers very seriously.”

Argonaut Cycles: RM3 | Road bike, carbon frame

“The Argonaut RM3 is intended to be the perfect custom carbon road bike. Balanced, lively, and up for anything you can throw at it. Every RM3 is custom tailored – designed, molded, and fabricated here in our Bend composite facility. We use patent pending molding technology to create best in class composite frame components, and stems. An off the shelf stem just wouldn’t do for the level of engineering we put into the RM3. We took the unprecedented step of taking production of the stem in-house. The RM3 stem is made with the same patent pending molding technology as the frame and features full internal cable routing when combined with ENVE’s internally routed fork.”

Mosaic Cycling: GT-2 45 | Gravel bike, titanium frame

 “We’re quite a small team here at Mosaic, but we aim to build a brand and a product that is “larger than life”. Everything we do is done in-house here in Boulder, which is something we’re extremely proud of. From development to design, and from fabrication to finish, our products are manufactured under one roof by master craftspeople. Inspired by the terrain around Boulder, the GT-2 45 is our fast and capable big tire gravel bike. Optimised around 700×40-45 tires, it’s a versatile platform that’s capable of ripping a road descent at full speed, and then jumping off into the piece of singletrack you see on the side.”

Belle Cycles: GRAR |Gravel bike, steel frame

 One of frame-building’s pure creatives, Enrico ‘Kico’ Belle got his start in metalwork when he joined the Italian army at 19 years old, learning blacksmithing, farriering (specialising in horse shoes) and welding. When he left the army, his passion for cycling took over and he decided to use his skill to become a frame builder. Now he makes some of the most beautiful and interesting steel frames in the world. Originally from Torino, but now based in Barcelona, Kico has been the brains and brilliance behind Belle Cycles since 2016, quickly building a reputation for building not just stunning steel bikes, but also for pushing the boundaries of creativity when it comes to gravel bikes. He’s continually open to new ideas, new projects, and building works of rideable art.

ENVE: Melee | Road bike, carbon frame

“The ENVE Melee is a no holds barred modern race bike built specifically to meet the performance demands of the discipline. The Custom Road, while capable of racing at the highest level, prioritizes customization and personalization over specific race performance metrics such as weight, stiffness, and aerodynamics. The Melee features a monocoque construction which allowed us to refine the tube shapes, reduce weight, and increase the overall efficiency of the Melee.” Building upon the design language and technologies of the ENVE Custom Road, the Melee is purpose-built for road racing, tested in both the lab and on the road to deliver the goods in every department, not least aerodynamics, handling, versatility and – ultimately – speed.

Scarab Cycles: Paramo Ultra | Gravel bike, steel frame

“Go farther. Go higher. Go longer. Carry more. Be self-sufficient. Just as life’s limits are pushed in the superpáramo, adventure cyclists will always look to push beyond into the unknown. Being no stranger to adventure, Scarab takes inspiration from the Andes to bring the most capable adventure gravel bike. This is the ultimate adventure bike, designed for comfort on long-haul rides. We know that adversity surrounds the paramo, so why go there? Because it’s beautiful and challenging. Those mind blowing adventure rides will become special moments to capture. Tackle whatever adventure brings with the Scarab Páramo Ultra.”

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