Everything an athlete needs in the city center of Girona

The popularity of Girona as year-round destination for sportspeople has created a local industry to service the performance needs of these athletes.

Science to Sport is one such example of this service in Girona. Founded in 2008 from a need to better manage athlete performance through the implementation of research-informed coaching methods, performance testing and biomechanics, Science to Sport opened in Girona in 2020.

It is their goal to continue providing the best evidence-based practices to teams and athletes of all levels, from beginners to World champions. In Girona, state-of-the-art equipment and the services are complemented with physiotherapy and massage therapy, to create a complete performance centre in the heart of Girona.

Chasing dreams starts with good preparation

In addition to these tests, Science to Sport has quickly become a biomechanic service of choice to many cyclists for a bike fit. The approach is a holistic consideration of all the variables; individual measurements, history and training load are combined with technologies such as the bespoke ErgoFiT system, saddle pressure mapping and customised 3D kinematic software. This biomechanical methodology considers your body, your bike and your training for an optimal f it for both comfort and performance.

On premises physiotherapy is another important benefit to Science to Sport clients. Together Richard Spink and Marjolein Dukker, allow for athletes to be treated pre, post and during sports injuries and allow the athlete a faster period in which to recover and to return to form. These physios also offer full treatment protocols and assessment of injuries and much more.

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