Bringing Zwift to life: the best indoor training experience is at Gran Fondo Community

Zwift is proven to be one of the best applications to make indoor training more fun. The sense of community the platform gives, because of the interaction with other users, makes it the most popular indoor training software on the planet nowadays. Usually, users train together while being in their own living rooms. Gran Fondo Community in Palafrugell makes it even more social than the application already is: by cycling together in real life in their massive studio.

Gran Fondo Community is the first, self-proclaimed Zwift Centre in Spain. It is the place where Catalan cyclists can train together or race against each other on Zwift. The indoor trainers are aligned, while the participants of the training given by Antonio Miguel, the Catalan former professional cyclist, are looking at a big screen in front of them.

“Normally”, Miguel says, “our training is not competitive. However, sometimes some of them like to do an informal race, which is possible, because Zwift is a very realistic and competitive application.”

That is exactly the reason why Camacho likes to go to Gran Fondo Community regularly. “The training that Miguel gives, is exciting to me, because I am a very competitive person”, the Catalan cyclist says. “We indeed sometimes do races, and they are always super fun, particularly because I can see my competitors next to me. Sometimes professional cyclists join the training as well, which makes it even more interesting.”

“Generally, a regular training starts with a progressive warm-up. We continue with a specific training program. That can be intervals or efforts, that all depends on the objectives we have of the training. Sometimes we implement that little race. We finish the training with a cool down.”

Miguel assumes to see people with full-time jobs joining his training on Zwift in particular. “When it is winter in Spain the days become really short. People with full-time jobs will finish their work when it is already dark outside. Our Stages indoor trainers can be used any time of the day, so joining the indoor training sessions that we do on Zwift are a good option to keep in shape during the shorter days.”

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