Nafent Magazine's Girona Cycling Guide Special Edition

Nafent Magazine Girona Special

In this free, online edition of Nafent Magazine, we have collected the best storylines from 2,5 years of Nafent Magazine. In addition, this Nafent Magazine Girona Special thinks outside the box, featuring local, cycling-minded destinations and storylines that you haven’t heard of yet.

Into the Fray

The Fray takes inspiration from both the Melee, ENVE’s road race weapon, and the MOG, their gravel grinder. This fusion results in a bike that excels on traditional tarmac while offering the capability to handle dirt paths, crushed gravel, and even some light singletrack adventures.

Fiesta Girona – a bike fitting festival

Bikefitters, pay attention. From October 12th to 15th, 2023 in the city center of Girona, ‘Fiesta Girona’ features an extraordinary event and a unique opportunity to celebrate cycling and expand your understanding of the bike fitting handicraft.

VeloPro: Personalized training plans through AI

VeloPro revolutionizes individualized schemes. Custom-tailored training should not be limited to professional cyclists. In fact, it is now available to everyone who wants it. And not just “get out there on your bike for a couple of hours” advice sent to everyone, but individualized training for you, based on your own specific goals, needs and time schedule.

No stone unturned: a day with SportCat

From NASA-developed vacuum machines that stimulate blood flow down the legs to pin-point lasers that can help release tight muscles, everything SportCat does embraces innovative techniques to enhance the recovery process and hone athletes’ performance. One technique that particularly stood out is magnetotherapy.

Six perfect (coffee) rides from Girona

Nafent has curated three routes, on the road and on gravel, each spanning 100 kilometers. These routes start and finish in Girona, leading you to destinations that are perfect for a refreshing coffee break – or more.

Hot and happening: recovery ice creams for cyclists

This is probably what you need this summer: recovery ice cream, specifically designed for cyclists. With two scoops of ice cream, cyclists have 60 milliliters of Fuel+ gel. Let’s chat with Núria Pascual, who’s in charge of the Bambolina project and has the recovery ice cream in-house.

Grupetta Café fuels cycling journeys in Andorra

A cycling haven in Andorra: the Grupetta Cycling Café in La Massana. With its prime location, it is hard to miss when riding around in the authentic Pyrenean country. With its specialty coffee and cosy interior, it is tough to resist the temptation to visit.

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