Exploring every little corner of Catalonia by bike has never been easier. With Activans cyclist-friendly campers, specially designed to accommodate bikes inside, up to three people can experience the incredible freedom of traveling by van.

Cycling is already one of the most liberating sports out there. Combine that with a vehicle that provides the most freedom in traveling, and the options become nearly endless. Unlike most standard campers on the market, up to four bikes fit inside the Activans campers. The 160-centimeter-wide bed can be lifted electronically when unused, giving enough space to safely store bikes with an ‘EasyIn’ system.

It is interesting to see Activans campers, particularly because they do not seem overly spacious when viewed from the outside. However, from the inside it turns out that they come with everything you need, including a smart interior design and functional details.

Each van houses a small kitchen, a dining table in case the weather doesn’t allow eating outside, a fully equipped bathroom with a toilet, hot water shower, eco-friendly cosmetics such as soap and shampoo, one double bed and one single bed. Gas, diesel-powered heating, and water tanks are installed, and there are solar panels and electricity sockets in order to be able to charge an electric bike anywhere.

Cyclists are not dependent on camping sites anymore, according to Nora Kersaudy, owner of Activans. “With the solar panels, there is always enough electricity to charge basically anything. It is possible to travel for several days or even weeks without having to rely on electricity from external sources.”

 “There is a sustainability aspect involved,” says Ronan, Nora’s husband. “When you travel by van, you bring your own water. Our vans come with display panels that show how much there is left of the water in the tanks, so you become quickly conscious of what you use.”

With no limits to the travel route anymore, the sense of freedom is limitless. For instance, one could commence on the Costa Brava coast and then head inland to places like Camprodon, la Cerdanya, La Molina, and continue all the way up to Andorra. Waking up to sunlight in a different place every morning is a special feeling, whether you are traveling solo doing day trips, or with others starting and finishing your ride at different places. “Families, cyclists and friends can travel all over Europe. We do long-term hire and also hire for just a weekend. A bike trip does not have a limit anymore.”

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