A day for true climbers in the mountains of Natural Park Montseny

It is the ongoing battle for the only cyclist in a family when planning the annual holidays: the cyclist wants some good training during vacation, while the remainder of the family prefers sightseeing and beach time.

A trip to Natural Park Montseny can provide the perfect compromise for the entire family. The park combines both training in the mountains, followed by time at the beach.

With the Komoot application, I have planned a beautiful route into the National Park, starting at our hotel ALEGRIA Caprici Verd. I have woken up early: the rest of the family is still asleep when I leave for my day in the mountains. While they’ll enjoy the facilities of the hotel, I will put myself to the test on the flanks of the Turó de l’Home, the highest peak in Montseny.

I leave the town of Santa Susanna, as I ride along the coast into southern direction, towards Calella. The first 10 kilometers are to warm-up the legs, and to actually enjoy the – maybe last – flatter section.

The action starts early. Collsacreu is the first climb of the day. I do not climb it from the typical side when coming from the coast, from Arenys de Mar. Instead, I follow the BV-5128 via Sant Iscle de Vallalta to La Creueta, and ultimately to the top of Collsacreu.

One does not need to go to the Pyrenees or to the Alps for long climbs, or to find a suitable climb for long interval trainings, as Natural Park Montseny has to offer some great mountains for this. One of the most beautiful climbs is called Alto de Santa Fe de Montseny.

The side from Sant Celoni, that is also featured in the Gran Fondo La Ports, a yearly race in this nature reservation and one that should definitely be on your to do list for 2023, covers 1300 meters of elevation over 24 kilo- meters. It is worth refilling your bottles here, as there are plenty of fountains with drinkable water that one won’t be able to find so much further up the climb.

About 3.5 kilometers before the top of Alto de Santa Fe Montseny, the real adventure seekers, or the ones who are keen for some extra training, can turn left to Turó de l ́Home. With its altitude of 1712 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in the Montseny Natural Park. Be prepared though, this is a leg-killer. The first two kilometers at a 5% gradient will take you to the antennas of St Helena at 1233 meters. The hardest part then has yet to come.

Towards Santa Susanna I have a quick glimpse on my cycling computer. Today’s training turned into a 150 kilometer ride with more than 2500 meters of elevation. At the sunny terrace of Hotel ALEGRIA Caprici Verd, I therefor order a cocktail to cool me down. I deserve that after a big day out in Natural Park Montseny, I believe.

My family joins me at the pool. They think I am crazy, when I tell them I did those 150 kilometers. I think they are crazy too, for spending the majority of the day at the beach. However, I must admit, it feels great to put the legs up and rest at the pool now.

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