A beauty of a mtb competition

The BCBR, or British Columbia Bike Race, is a renowned multi-day mountain bike stage race held in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Known for its scenic beauty and challenging courses, it is a popular event on the American continent among both professional and amateur mountain bikers. Nafent tunes in with Josep Rubio and he explains his experience: “If you are an MTB enthusiast, British Columbia will quickly become a special place for you. I participated in the British Columbia Bike Race (BCBR) for the first time in 2018, and I told myself right away it wouldn’t be my last.”

“BCBR takes place in July, when the weather is exceptional and very similar to the weather in La Cerdanya in the summer: sunny during the day but with cooler mornings.”

“This year, our race was on Vancouver Island, where the trails are truly awesome. Canadian races are well-organized, and cycling communities are constantly creating new trails and promoting them.”

“For the majority of participants, the main goal is to have fun. Race starts are usually relaxed, and the pace gradually increases as the race progresses.”

“Typically, the uphills are not very technical, and even those less experienced can tackle them, even if you’re riding a heavier bike. Don’t be deceived by the stage distances; 50 kilometers might seem short, but the reality is that these stages are quite challenging with no easy sections.”

“I’ve raced all over the world, but without a doubt, BCBR is something special. I will definitely return.”

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