Limit the chance of flat tires on Catalan roads with Tubolito inner tubes

They are stronger, lighter and more compact than any other inner tube you have seen before: Tubolito bicycle tubes are setting new standards in the world of inner tubes.

Imagine you can reduce the chance of getting a flat tire significantly, approximately by two times compared to an inner tube from any other brand, while also saving weight (and there- fore watts).

Proven by the needle penetration test, a common test among tube producers worldwide to test tube strength, Tubolito offers the bicycle inner tube with the most puncture resistance for any cycling discipline. Compared to a standard butyl tube (the ones most commonly used) for road bike you can save almost 70 grams of rotating weight per wheel if you use S-Tubo-Road which ones only 23g.

For the mountain bikers and gadget lovers among us, Tubolito also has the first-ever ‘smart tube’ in its product range. There is an NFC chip in the inner tube, so one can read its pressure accurately with the Tubolito app.

For gravel cyclists, a growing group of bike enthusiasts in Catalonia, the Austrian company even offers a one-year warranty on their X-Tubo-CX/Gravel-All inner tubes against all sorts of flat tires. They fully rely on their X-Tubo technology, which offers maximum puncture resistance against thorns, nails and broken glass.

The brand subjected the prototypes of the tube to various tests, Georg Vladimirov from Tubolito says. “Thus, we rode across thorns, pieces of broken glass and even over our exclusively developed ramp equipped with a nail. Step by step we got closer to our goal until we found a product which satisfied our high expectations: make punctures a thing of the past.”

Also, the X-Tubo-City/Tour tubes, for the city and touring bikes, are backed up with a one-year warranty.

Ultimately, the Tubolito inner tubes are significantly easier to bring with you than any other tube. They are packed in a smaller size and are therefore easier to bring in a bottle in your bottle cage or saddle bag. We could fit three to four into our saddle bag from SKS Germany (Racer straps 800), while we otherwise would have issues fitting two.

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